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Welcome to Maolte, where I hope you enjoy your visit. You can check out my background via Resume menu listing, exploratory projects via Demo Projects menu listing, and my service offering via Services menu listing. Also on the site are menu listings dedicated to novels I am or have written along with a Blog listing for that short and hopefully engaging read. If you have any questions, do reach out via the Contact menu listing, and don't miss out on what's new via email sign up for my Writing and/or Infrastructure/DevOps email lists. Once again, a hearty welcome to the home of Maolte and check in regularly for updates on topics of interest in the Writing, Infrastructure, and DevOps areas along with my availability updates for work.

Service Offerings

My service offerings are divided into three main areas:

- DevOps (including Project Management)

- Infrastructure

- Writing (including Technical Writing, Event Management and Commerical Publications)

For more on my offerings and pricing, please see my Services listing in the menu selection and feel free to reach out to me with any questions via Contact.


Creating the brand was about creating something meaningful around the start of my freelancing journey. As my name in Irish is Sean O'Maolcathail (John Mulhall), I thought the breakout of my name which literally means 'Follower or Devotee of Cathail'. This struck a chord with me as I am most certainly a devotee of my passions, which professionally center around Technology and Writing. The 'Maol' part of my brand name was born and as two areas are one, chopping 'tech' in half made sense giving birth to Maolte as a brand name. 


I am located in Dublin (Ireland), which is a wonderful city in a wonderful country at the westerly most point of the European Union. If you have not visited Dublin or Ireland for that matter, I would encourage you to come to visit us and check out what we offer our visitors in our towns, cities, and countryside. Our customs and people have a lineage going back over 6,000 years so there is plenty to see. Until we can deliver a hundred thousand welcomes to you, here are some snippets from Dublin's fair city and my home.


Availability Status - Fully Available

My current availability is split between full-time employment pursuits and part-time pursuits; be that contract work, novel writing and/or pro bono work. The current status on both is as follows:

- Full-Time (30-40 hours a week):  Engaged | Not Available

- Part-Time (1-5 hours a week): Partly Available

Quick Update Wires

The below are featured updates in summary format for your quick review. They may reference longer topics in Blogs from time to time.  

6th November 2021 - I have two updates for you. Firstly, it gives me great pleasure to announce my appointment to Sage Software as a Full-Time CloudOps Engineer starting November 15th, 2021. I will be joining a CloudOps team and get the opportunity to work on multi-stack production environments alongside my colleagues supporting Sage's cloud offering. Secondly and as exciting, I have sat and passed by a comfortable margin the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam. This was my first all practical exam on servers ever under time pressure and a true learning experience in Kubernetes. I have shared my CKA experiences on my blog at https://maolte.ie/blog/25-certified-kubernetes-administrator-exam, which is a good read for technology lovers and a must-read for anybody studying for the CKA.

30th September 2021Just under 4 hours to the full launch of the site and my set up of my freelancing vehicle Maolte, which I am just bubbling with excitement about. Stay tuned to Blogs over the coming days, weeks, and months via menu selection and catch short blogs on everything from DevOps CICD gotchas to Infrastructure monitoring tips to Novel updates; forthcoming availability change updates plus more. Also, why not sign up to my Writing or Tech email lists, so you can get updated with these snippets on the go. My newsletters will range from weekly to monthly distributions with any more frequent updates via blogs only, as I know how irritating it is to be spammed on an email list. If you would like to see something added to them or have a question on availability or anything on the service offering, drop me a line via Contacts or directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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