The Journey So Far...

01 November 2021

Site Launch

The original site launch by John Mulhall as a freelance engineer and writer whilst taking up full-time work with Sage Technologies as a Cloud Engineer

01 November 2021

13 July 2022

Maolte Technical Solutions Limited

Incorporation of Maolte Technical Solutions Limited to facilitate focus on full time contracting and provision of IT and Writing services

05 August 2022

Limited Company Launch

Launch of Maolte Technical Solutions Limited as a qualitative provider of Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps and Writing Services along with general IT Consulting.

05 August 2022

Our Values

Our work ethos and culture are close to you as our client and is led by the following values:

Connecting our passion with your purpose, finding a way to extend your company with ours in a qualitative manner.

Constructive two-way communication never stops being respectful and understanding of the counterparty's point of view.

Honest commitment to the content of the work undertaking, and completing it to the highest standards that we hold ourselves to; even when nobody is watching.

Transparent communication and follow through on all aspects of business interactions, whether it's the next contract negotiation or the next coffee run!

Attention to detail in all aspects of what we do and never being afraid to ask questions. 

Empathy for teammates and a wish to help where we can, as we are all human.

Zero tolerance for bigotry, bullying and racism in the workplace

We support the rights of all to live and work in peace regardless of sexual orientation, creed or colour.

A wish to be happy in life doing what we love that brings the quality of service beyond the contract rate we are engaged upon.

If you wish to learn about having us on your team, drop John a line at, and let's get the conversation going!