iNOG email message for Ukraine initiative

Global NOG Alliance - Help Keep Ukraine Connected

We have all seen and are horrified by the brutal invasion by Russia into Ukraine, which has seen the country pounded by the Russian military without any care for international law or common decency from what I can see. Needless to say, we all have done what we can to help the Ukrainian people ranging from donations to signing up for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion plus more. After donating, I was moved to write this article after I got an email distribution from iNOG (Irish Network Operators Group) on the global Networker initiative to help Ukraine stay connected during these brutal times.

They are asking for help in funding and also technology donations of routers and switches along with financial contributions to supply Ukraine with the necessary infrastructure to stay connected during this brutal war. The field engineers installing and maintaining this equipment are literally targets for the Russian military for just doing their job. Imagine our on-call shift as Engineers that suddenly becomes lethal after a hostile power decides they want to take away our people's right to self-determination. I did and after donating myself am now sharing the link to the Global NOG Alliance initiate to keep Ukraine connected as

I would encourage companies to contribute any of the listed equipment and the rest of us to chip by donating some money to this worthy network-related cause. It's amazing what we take for granted in peaceful lands, the connectivity and freedom we have to our voice heard, learn about the world around us and explore opportunities to grow in peace. Ukraine just wants the same and we free peoples in free lands are ideally positioned to make a difference in helping Ukraine. We are helping them to make a stand against a fierce and unjust invasion of their lands, their lives and their freedom by just staying connected. 

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