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Another Maolte Milestone

Full-Time Contracting Announcement

We often look back on our milestones in life. Now is the time for one of those hallmark moments on my journey by writing this article. Maolte up until now has been a freelance concern for my sole trading activities offering many services and acting as a vehicle for assessment of what works in the marketplace for my initial service. After careful research and assessment of the marketplace, I have decided to spin up my own limited company bringing my initial service offering into my limited concern with the exception of novel writing. I shall retain my aspiring novel writing as a freelance concern so do stay tuned for more on that also. 

It gives me great pleasure to confirm the service offering I launched on my freelance website last October at shall form the initial service offering as a contractor when my limited company is spun up in the next 4 to 6 weeks. The range of services currently on offer falls are as follows:

  • CI/CD  Deployments and Hosting 

  • Cloud Production Support

  • Technical Project Management

  • Programming and Automation 

  • Cloud-Based Systems Design 

  • Infrastructure Production Support (Servers/Services/Troubleshooting/Routers & Switches)

  • Customer Support 

  • Technical Root Cause Analysis

  • Major Incident Management

  • NOC Deployments and Hosting 

  • Technical Event Management

  • Event Writing and Reporting (Technical and Non-Technical)

  • Technical Writing (Runbooks/How To Documents/Customer Facing Documentation/Technical Analysis Documents e.g. TRCA Report)

  • Commerical Writing (Technical/Business)

I am due to finish up with Sage by month's end with a busy schedule of project completions and handovers knowing I am leaving the team in good stead for the continuing success story that is Sage. My own journey will look to help you on yours so if you are in need of the above, do reach out via and let me know how I can help you write another successful chapter in yours.

Stay tuned for more on infrastructure in this blog along with articles on other areas of interest in the writing and DevOps arenas. To not miss out on any updates on my availability, tips on related areas or anything of interest to all, sign up for one of my newsletters in the footer of any page on Maolte. I look forward to us becoming pen pals!

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