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Maolte Technical Solutions Limited Launch

The next evolution of Maolte is here...

It gives me great pleasure to finally announce the launch of Maolte Technical Solutions Limited trading as Maolte. As part of the Maolte journey, this launch is not only the next logical step to take, it is also a platform for what I think service provision in these areas should be like. It is in essence passion fusing with purpose in the provision of full stack Cloud Infrastructure, Site Reliability, DevOps, Project Management and Writing Services. 

Our service offering is based on solving your technology challenges alongside the fulfilment of your writing needs to bring you a complete solution-based offering. What we do can be broken down into the following areas:

  • DevOps
    • CICD deployments and support
    • Working practices and CICD design 
  • Cloud Infrastructure 
    • Cloud production support and site reliability
    • Technical root cause analysis and major incident management
    • Design and implementation of cloud monitoring solutions
    • Cloud workflow process design 
    • Technical project management and troubleshooting
    • Infrastructure programming and automation
  • Writing 
    • Technical writing for customer-facing document repositories
    • Technical document repository design and implementation against the DITA standard
    • Internal technical documentation and repository design for runbooks and how-to documents 

Whilst a short blog, the milestone is huge as is our desire and ability to provide solutions for your needs. I would be remiss if I did not mention my 4+ years in the cloud industry after I qualified as an engineer supplemented by 15 years in financial operations. 12 of those years are as a first and second-line leader with about 5 years of direct project management experience. My deep learning curve over these 12 years give me very useful perspectives on project leadership, which I implemented successfully on many occasions reaching this point. 

We never know what the future brings, but what is clear is that passion fusing with purpose automatically upgrades the level of quality and care that you would receive as a client. All we need is your challenges and requirements to complete the conversational agenda in your free first consult. Stay tuned for more on infrastructure in this blog along with articles on other areas of interest in the writing and DevOps arenas. To not miss out on any updates on my availability, tips on related areas or anything of interest to all, sign up for one of my newsletters in the footer of any page on Maolte. I look forward to us becoming pen pals!

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