Community & Events

Here you will find the event details of Maolte Technical Solutions Limited. It will be broken down as below to give you a clear view of navigation to sub-menu areas of interest, be that in events our Founder John Mulhall has spoken at, or maybe publications other than our own site publications. This menu selection will be developed over time as our business explores new areas related to events and reaching out to the technology community.


The first submenu will be dedicated to speaking engagements or hosted events by the team at Maolte Technical Solutions Limited, be that in person or virtual in nature. Our founder John Mulhall will feature in the initial set of events via this first sub menu.


Here you will find a sub menu listing around publications such as publications by our Founder John Mulhall on Irish Tech News. Any regular contributions to online or print media will feature here.

Featured Events

Here you will find a sub menu listing dedicated to publications and industry events of note that Maolte Technical Solutions Limited have been involved in or participated in. These will be irregular or once off in nature.

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