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Demo AWS Codestar


Title: CI/CD Github and AWS CodeStar

Completion Date: August 2021

Category: DevOps


Demo Project Overview:

We set up a CICD pipeline for a sample Python Django app and pushed it to AWS using Github and AWS-managed assets via AWS Codestar to complete the CICD process.

Project Description:

This was a Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CICD) project using Github as a source code repository to automatically trigger from the master branch, and push any code into action on the AWS CodeStar (CICD) platform. Once pushed to master on Github, CodeStar via secure connection manages AWS resources to automatically build and deploy the commit code onto an EC2 (t2.micro) instance on AWS using in this case Elastic Beanstalk (EBS) to manage the server. The templated project's purpose is to demonstrate the CodeStar platform and its use of AWS features including CloudFormation and IAM services based on its connection to John's GitHub account. Interestingly, the direct cost of CodeStar is not charged by AWS which collects on the underlying billable resources deployed (e.g. EC2 instance). We found it to be a viable alternative to setting up an EC2 instance with Jenkins for managing application Builds to CD stage, albeit one that is platform-dependent on AWS. We did not deploy HTTPS for this project based on cost considerations around SSL certs and the fact that CICD, not Web Development was the focus of this project.

Project Links: retired post sunsetting the deployed application.

GitHub - Repo:



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