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This page is devoted to my Novel writing exploits with current works in process on this page and past works detailed in a forthcoming sub-menu called Published Works underneath this page in the menu selection. My Novel writing will be focusing on the genres I truly love, which are:

- Action & Adventure

- Science Fiction

- Fantasy

- Thrillers

The time spent in each novel is driven by competing priorities but over time, the list of published works will grow. I intend to start off and hopefully grow by going Indie as an author and self-publishing. If however, you are a publishing house not planning on selling out to Disney, drop me a line via the contact form in the menu bar above or direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can chat.


Current Project


image of twitter account @soldersee


Title: Soldersee 

Genre: Action & Adventure, Thriller

Type: Fiction

Publishing: Self

Social Media: Twitter @soldersee 

Inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



fictitious novel about a young American called Jack Debaut who tries to follow his hero father's footsteps and serve his country. With his mother's begrudging support, he enlists in the US Army and soon excels to find himself serving with the US Army Rangers and is assigned onto a special operation that goes horribly wrong leaving Jack a traumatized man returning home from Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm. Jack's life despite his friendship with his team leader, Mike Valensky becomes more and more troubled until he reaches rock bottom just two years later when nobody remembers Desert Storm. Mike helps Jack recover and rebuild his life. Jack gets an Engineering degree, falls in love, and is ready to move up in life. However, as all seems well and Jack is happily working for Mikey as a CIA Analyst ('The Computer Guy'), 911 strikes, and Jack's life is sent into a whirlwind of revived emotions, bad memories, and determination this time to make it right. Jack's heart is one of a warrior and it's tested to its full as the seedy world of intelligence and counterintelligence draws him into a dangerous cat and mouse game with committed Jihadists that no one can say actually exist. 

Progress Snapshot

Yup, don't worry, its coming soon.. stay tuned for images of pages in the making... 

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