Image of John arriving at the keynote speech by Marya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Enterprise, Startups, Technology and Youth. It was at Startup OLE in Salamanca Spain.



The Resume menu listing is a detailed one designed to help you get to know us better. We heartily welcome questions exploring the technologies of today and also tomorrow. Technology is truly our passion. The contacts page is monitored and our founder John Mulhall reviews all questions by those sharing his passion for technology and business.

Menu Listing

⇒ Full-Time Employment

This page features our Founder's current full-time (30+ hours a week) employment pursuits in much greater detail than the Work History page.

⇒ Work History

This page details our Founder's full career in Technology going back to 2015. It has two subsequent sub-menus, Process Management, and Security. These provide summary detail around his two prior careers in process management as a level 2 manager and security ending up in the Irish Defence Forces.

⇒  Education

This page details our Founder's 3rd-level university grade qualifications and background

⇒ Certifications

This page details our Founder's key industry certifications that  support our journey in Technology



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