University & Education

My educational journey post-military enlistment in the Irish Defence Forces was sparse over my 15-year process management and leadership career. That said, my post vocational certificates in IT Foundations, Business Studies along with a level 7 certificate from University College Dublin (and the Institute of Bankers) in Financial Services did succeed in providing me with the knowledge and understanding to enter the Financial Operations industry. There is where I became versed in the practicalities of financial operations at scale for mainly US multinationals. As I have transitioned over to technology gravitating towards Infrastructure and DevOps in particular, the below 3rd level educational qualifications reflect this technological orientation in how I now define my career path.

Key Educational Qualifications - Process Management



Certificate in Financial Services (1997) - Level 7 NFQ (Ordinary Level)



Key Educational Qualifications - Technology



Higher Diploma (Associates Degree) in Science in Computing (2017) - Level 8 NFQ (Honours Level)



Higher Certificate in Software & Cloud Technology (2015) - Level 8 NFQ (Honours Level)



Higher Certificate in Project Management for the ICT Professional (2014) - Level 8 NFQ (Honours Level) 


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