Full Time Employment

Full Time Employment

Feature - Current Employment 

Here you will find the details page of my current full-time employment role, which will also be summarised in the menu selection Work History. When I either complete a contract or full-time employee role, this page will be updated with the replacement details of my new full-time employment, regardless of whether it's a contract or full-time employee (aka. payroll employee) role. My current full-time employee or contract (paying) role will be detailed below, noting that pro bono work and/or paying part-time work will not be detailed here. You can find those role summaries in the Work History menu selection. 

What's filling my day working full time...



Company: Maolte Technical Solutions Limited t/a Maolte

Role:  Cloud Infrastructure & DevOps Engineer | Writer | Director

Start Date: July 2022 - Present

Contract Type: Owner

Work Type: Blended Remote/Office

Team Scope: To be confirmed 

Product Support Type: To be confirmed 

Support Scope: To be confirmed

Technology Stack: To be confirmed

Roles & Responsibilities Summary: To be confirmed


My next full-time role detail will feature here so stay tuned for developments...



image of Maolte, the freelance brand of John Mulhall

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