Full Time Employment
Here you will find the details page of our Founder's current full-time work focus, which will also be summarised in the menu selection Work History. His current full-time focus will be detailed below, noting that pro bono work and/or paying part-time work will not be detailed here. You can find those role summaries in the Work History menu selection.
  • Company: Maolte Technical Solutions Limited
  • Role: Founder | Engineer | Writer
  • Start Date: August 2022
  • Contract Type: Owner
  • Work Type: Remote
  • Team Scope: n/a
  • Product Support Type: n/a
  • Support Scope: n/a
  • Technology Stack: n/a

Role & Responsibilities

As Founder of Maolte, John's role is to first launch the contracting company and get the word out there that a new IT and Writing service is in town. The qualitative approach towards service provision is inherent in the company formation as it is in the building of service levels for our clients. This is John's primary role as well as being Maolte's very first contracting Engineer and Writer. The breakout of the role's responsibilities can be summarised as follows:
  • Build Maolte as a contracting company based on Cloud/IT and Writing services.
  • Build and maintain Cloud/DevOps competencies in key vendor products such as AWS, Azure and Terraform in support of qualitative service levels on contracts.
  • Provide qualitative levels of service to clients in all services offered by Maolte on contracts.
  • Market and develop Maolte on an ongoing basis 
  • Manage Maolte's business, finance, IT and non IT requirements on an ongoing basis.