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Work History


Here you will find details of our Founder's work history. Upon reflection, John has noted many skills being carried over into his technology career including writing and leadership, which deserve an airing in a separate sub-menu to the 'Work History' selection. 

Employment History - Technology

Company/Organisation: Maolte Technical Solutions Limited

Date Range: August 2022 to Present

Role: Founder | Engineer | Writer

Employment Type: Owner


After nearly a year of freelancing and market analysis, Maolte Technical Solutions Limited trading as Maolte was incorporated to focus on contracting full time. This role will focus on the following areas:

  • Founder - Management of Maolte to facilitate contracting in the below areas along with developing the company as a going concern
  • Engineer - Active engineer on contracts around Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps and Site Reliability
  • Writer - Active writer in the areas of Technical Writing, Commercial Writing and Interviewing along with Journalism
  • Consultant - Project Management services on projects along with management consulting services around IT and Product Management

Company/Organisation: Irish Tech News

Date Range: September 2016 to Present

Role: Individual Contributor / Writer

Employment Type: Freelance


A part-time writing role on business and technology for Irish Tech News. As a regular contributor to the team, I produce articles on a part-time basis that covers current affairs along with focus pieces on areas of interest in the business and technology areas. 

Company/Organisation: John Mulhall t/a Maolte

Date Range: September 2021 to July 2022

Role: Infrastructure/ DevOps Engineer & Writer

Employment Type: Freelance


As a sole trading proprietor of Maolte, John was open to contract work on a day rate/hourly basis in the following areas:
• Infrastructure Operations and Engineering
• DevOps Engineering
• Technical Writing
• IT Education / Technical Event Management
• Technical Project Management

Company/Organisation: Sage Technologies Limited

Date Range: November 2021 to May 2022

Role: Cloud Operations Engineer

Employment Type: Full-Time Employee


This full-time role supporting the cloud offerings of Sage Software is an exciting multi-stack mix in production along with project work that engages modern practices in an innovative and insightful manner. This engineering role is DevOps orientated specializing in the maintenance and development of Sage’s cloud offering. The role covers a number of areas as follows:

  • Multistack Production on-call support
  • Major incident support
  • Infrastructure automation and technical project support
  • CI/CD
  • Design and development of new cloud services along with optimization of existing ones

Company/Organisation: Workday

Date Range: January 2021 to July 2021

Role: Infrastructure Systems Engineer

Employment Type: Full-Time Employee


This engineering role is in the overlay, involving multiple systems and services in production infrastructure including Linux and Windows operating systems plus numerous services that are common to a modern and scaled operations environment. The exciting aspects of systems engineering, troubleshooting and automation all apply, which are encapsulated into the following:
• Create and respond to production monitors: triage, troubleshoot and resolution
• Create, maintain, and automate operational run-books
• Build automation for monitoring response and other production tools
• Respond to Engineering Support requests for customer support tickets - Internally facing
• Support for both Linux and Windows systems (basic system support)
• Maintain production SLAs related to incident response
• Document and participate in RCA meetings

Company/Organisation: Oracle (Cloud Infrastructure)

Date Range: February 2018 to December 2020

Role: NOC Engineer

Employment Type: Full-Time Employee


This role at Oracle covers processes and projects around Level 1 + areas for Oracle Cloud! This includes resolving issues within Oracle, creating where needed manual fixes and developing projects mainly using Python/Go to automate processes where it made sense!
An overview of responsibilities held:
• Incident manager during critical issues coordinating efforts among internal teams and the NOC/Command Centre, ensuring issue resolution, and providing communication back to customers
• Work to drive improvements in NOC/Command Centre processes and tools
• Software Development - Python/Go
• NOC/Command Centre ticket ownership and processing
• Compute related ticket triage

Company/Organisation: Kinesense Ltd

Date Range: April 2017 to June 2017

Role: Software Engineer

Employment Type: Freelance


Project Overview: EU Wide R&D Project in evaluating data centre design was a qualitative 12-week internship where John gained valuable enterprise-level experience in the following areas:
a) Developing a Java (SE8) Port for Video Analytics
• Planning and developing the Java Analytics port starting from imports of image files into memory for processing and analytics
• Planning, designing and implementing a back-end solution including database development
• Configuring Services on the Linux/CentOS server (e.g. PostgreSQL Server configuration)
b) Software Testing
• Testing unit chunks of code
• Testing the application and its functional behaviour
c) Adding to the Project Codebase
• Coding in Java implementing classes and methods
• Code reviews and refactoring
• Writing Functions in PostgreSQL (acts as Stored Procedures) for safe database queries and also for table creation

Company/Organisation: Hadoop User Group Ireland 

Date Range: July 2015 to October 2016

Role: Community Manager

Employment Type: Freelance


The community manager's role was to manage the Hadoop User Group Ireland group in two main areas:
1. Event Management:
• Assist the Group Chair in attracting new speakers and content of quality to present at Hadoop User Group Ireland
• Assist the Director in procuring suitable locations for events
• Manage event details including vendor management and associated finance issues
2. Marketing:
• Assist in general social media, marketing and branding activities
• Develop new ideas for content management systems in support of the marketing plan

Company/Organisation: Sonra Intelligence Ltd trading as Sonra

Date Range: July 2015 to April 2016

Role: Marketing Technologist

Employment Type: Freelance


Sonra Intelligence Ltd is a highly capable and agile Big Data company that offers highly effective solutions in big data analysis, data storage management and distributed file system services. As an Intern, John's role is split into three main areas and are as follows:
1. Big Data Software Development:
• Big Data Analysis in Java & Python
• Big Data Analysis using SQL and DataFrames (Pandas & PySpark)
• Pre-evaluate new products in the software development area

2. Social Media:
• Blogging
• Develop tutorials and step-by-step procedural guides for publication
• Assist in general social media activities

3. Marketing:
• Assist in general marketing and branding activities
• Assist in website content management and development
• Develop new ideas for content management systems in support of the marketing plan

Company/Organisation: Tradey Networks Ltd

Date Range: Sept 2014 to October 2014

Role: Business Development and Administration Intern

Employment Type: Freelance


Tradey Networks Ltd trading as “Tradey” was created to solve the problem finding trusted & qualified home maintenance professionals when you need them. John's role in this dynamic start-up covered the following:
• Developing the supply side of the business through identification and qualification of business development leads to industry professionals in the maintenance and quality of the professional home service panels
• Working with the Managing Director and his team in the development of early company lifecycle strategies in business development
• Development and management of the back office administration structures supporting the development of the business
• Participation in cross-functional platform collaborations and project management as directed by the Managing Director

After John's redundancy in 2012 as a level 2 manager in a multinational company managing 3 teams covering outside of US business to September 2012, he took a career break. During this time, he reassessed his priorities and his passions making a decision to change his career. 


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