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It's always hard to get good help and even harder to get it quickly, which is why professionals in many areas set up freelancing and contracting businesses. These freelance/contract-based business models often inject themselves into their client's projects covering not only creative services but analytical and administrative services making the contractor a focus-based project asset in any project undertaken. So, what can Maolte do for you in this contracting context?

To answer that, let's put me in your shoes and ask some questions as the sourcing point for technical talent. I need a skilled Engineer who is dynamic, can communicate effectively with all levels of my organization, and is not afraid to own problems and solve them for me! What this Engineer can do for you?

  • Can support Linux and Windows-based servers for in-hours troubleshooting and out-of-hours on-call service.
  • Can support infrastructure architecture with full-stack major incident management services, and implement best practices in this area to maximize product availability for my customers.
  • Can support Routers & Switches at a first-line support level, and provide an out-of-hours on-call service.
  • Can contribute to and lead technical projects based on waterfall and/or agile project management methodologies, and understands the Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Can spot automation opportunities and implement automation solutions in Python, Go, or Bash.
  • Can design, develop and implement CI/CD pipelines for my application workflow, which is designed for my needs, not the most popular vanilla implementation that does not take my needs into account.
  • Understands Cloud Architecture and how best to approach a migration project into the cloud. Also, can develop research-based project plans based on a statement of work.
  • Can troubleshoot complex products that have multiple layers of microservices, especially at the middleware tier.
  • Is not afraid of complexity and can take ownership of large problems, pushing for the understanding of the problem statement. Also able to engage with others who can contribute to solutions, which resolve the problem.
  • Can provide technical writing services at Runbook, How to Document, and Customer facing levels.
  • Is familiar with multiple systems including Github, Confluence, Jira, and Zendesk.
  • Can write commercial articles for publication in technical and non-technical areas.
  • Can project manage events from small meetups to large conference events providing project management and marketing know-how in support of the project.
  • Can act as host for events of all sizes.
  • Can take ownership of a team and knows how to lead people in projects as direct reports rather than project collaborators.
  • Is familiar with SOX audit roles and process design for technical and non-technical process workflows. Also knows how to implement risk management based assignment of controls into process workflows.

Wow, that is a long list and not all of it fits into one role. So true, yet so solvable at Maolte. My offering is wide in technological terms and expands into writing, event management, and related areas. I am either training in and/or direct experience in those areas and can help. My service offering is thus carved out into areas and sub-areas as follows: 


- CI/CD Deployments and Hosting 

- Cloud Production Support

- Technical Project Management

- Programming and Automation 

- Cloud-Based Systems Design 


- Production Support (Servers/Services/Troubleshooting/Routers & Switches)

- Customer Support 

- Technical Root Cause Analysis (TRCA)

- Major Incident Management 



- Technical Event Management

- Event Writing and Reporting (Technical and Non-Technical)

- Technical Writing (Runbooks/How To Documents/Customer Facing Documentation/Technical Analysis Documents e.g. TRCA Report)

You will find my contracting history as 'John Mulhall trading as Maolte' under the Contracting sub-menu under Services should you wish to see a summary of my contracts history, which covers full-time and part-time contracts from October 2021 onwards. 


Pricing is ideally negotiated in Euros and all standard contract pricing applies to billable invoices as a contractor only, not as a full-time employee on your company payroll. It is noted that the below rates are standard rates and all contract pricing is per job specification detailing the use case involved. There I will look for technology that I love and/or would love to learn, and a business case behind the work proposition to measure the extent of the work required. For example, if people management skills are required even in part, a loading on negotiated contract price ex VAT will be made to account for the considerable responsibilities that come with managing people, as I found out over my 12-year people management career. 

Fixed Rates:

  • Commercial Hourly Rate (exVAT) - Eur65.00 
  • Commercial Day Rate (exVAT) - Eur520.00
  • Management Day Rate (exVAT) - Eur600.00

Do note that standard commercial pricing is revised every October. Please note if you engage me on a contract that crosses the October 1st (annual) revision date, the price we agreed on at the contract outset will apply to contract completion. Do note the following notes/general terms of trade are:

- You will normally be billed in Euros no later than monthly intervals through the terms of the contract with anything more than 7 days of credit terms to be mutually agreed in advance of contract commencement.

- Any request for USD or GBP currency billing will be based on the negotiated Euro price agreed, which will cause the USD/GBP value billed ex VAT to rise and fall throughout the contract term.

- VAT will be detailed in euros on all invoices with FX comparisons if the contract terms of payment are agreed in USD/GBP.

- If monthly billed, you will be billed in arrears no later than the 3rd week of the month. If billed on a weekly/bi-weekly arrangement, you will be billed the week following the weekly/bi-weekly period end. 

- People Management services in a contract specification (i.e. role has direct (people) reports) carry a higher rate due to the extra responsibilities involved in people management if even as a portion of a contract role.

- Technologies that require a learning curve I like will carry a discount to my standard commercial rates. All discounts are to be negotiated based on the contact's use case.

- All expenses in the execution of my duties to be reasonably reimbursed in line with the contract terms and can be documented as required by the client 

- My commercial day rate price applies to a standard 7-10 hours of work depending on the required workloads of the day. For the occasional need for emergency cover past 10 hours in a total working day, my standard commercial hourly rate will apply.

- Out-of-hours coverage as a service (i.e. on-call) is available and negotiable on a case-to-case basis. The details agreed between both parties must however be detailed in the contract terms and conditions.

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