What can Maolte do for you?
Do you need a skilled Technologist and Engineer who is dynamic, can communicate effectively with all levels of any organization? Do you need a Technologist and Engineer who is not afraid to own problems and solve them for the team?

Here is what we can do for you.


  • Can support Linux and Windows-based servers for in-hours. 
  • Can also do troubleshooting and can provide an out-of-hours on-call service.
  • Can support cloud architecture with full-stack major incident management services, and implement best practices in this area. Our objective is to maximize fleet availability, whilst keeping cost in mind for our solutions.
  • Can design and implement monitoring solutions on a cloud fleet, which enhance a client's security and availability posture.
  • Can contribute to and lead technical projects based on the waterfall and/or agile project management methodologies using a good understanding of the software development lifecycle aka SDLC.
  • Can spot automation opportunities and implement automation solutions in Python, Go, or Bash.
  • Can design, customise and implement CI/CD pipelines based on actual project requirements and not how it was done in the last 5 jobs. 
  • Can troubleshoot complex products that have multiple layers of microservices, especially at the middleware tier communicating with complex backend architectures.
  • Can build monitoring solutions that integrate with technical documentation levelling in an SRE-based environment.
  • Are not afraid of complexity and can take ownership of large problems, pushing for the understanding of the problem statement. Also able to engage with others who can contribute to solutions, which resolve the problem.
  • Can provide technical writing services in Runbook and How-to document form. Can also design and implement customer-facing documentation solutions.
  • Are familiar with multiple supporting systems including Github, Confluence, Jira, and Zendesk.
  • Can write commercial articles for publication in technical and non-technical areas.

Our Services


CI/CD Design, Deployment and Support 

Programming and Automation 
Process design and CALMS modelling

Cloud Infrastructure

Full Stack Production Support AWS/Azure

Technical Project Management

Technical Root Cause Analysis (TRCA)

Major Incident Management 

NOC and Monitoring Solutions

Cloud Architecture and Systems Design 


Event Management

Event Coverage (Technical and Non-Technical)

Technical Writing (Internal/External)

Documentation Repository Design and Impelmentation