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Our Rates

Pricing is ideally negotiated in Euros and all standard contract pricing applies to billable invoices for contractor services only. It is noted that the below rates are standard rates and all contract pricing is negotiable on a per-job specification detailing the use case involved.  Do note that standard commercial pricing is revised every October. If you engage us on a contract that crosses the October 1st (annual) revision date, the price we agreed on at the contract outset will apply to contract completion.

Commercial Hourly Rate (exVAT) - Eur65.00 

Commercial hourly rates for specific contracts, which are generally based around technical writing, and some commercial services. It can also apply to any overtime (greater than 10.5 hours a day) on a day-rate basis. The minimum contract term subject to availability is just 5 hours.

Commercial Day Rate (exVAT) - Eur520.00

This rate is mainly tailored to technical and engineering contracts such as technical contributions to cloud infrastructure or DevOps projects. Contract terms can be very short or very long, noting a minimum limit for contracting us of just 2 weeks subject to availability.

Management Day Rate (exVAT) - Eur600.00

This upper rate is meant for contracts utilizing our leadership, people management and project management skills, which range over a 15-year background. The extra responsibilities and dependencies in utilizing higher profile skillsets are incorporated into this upper-end day rate. 

General Terms of Trade

⇒ You will be billed in Euros (unless otherwise agreed by the client contract) no later than monthly intervals through the terms of the contract.

⇒ Anything more than 7 days of credit terms to be mutually agreed upon in advance of contract commencement.

⇒ Any request for USD or GBP currency billing will be based on the variable Euro rate of the billing day, which will cause the USD/GBP value billed to rise and fall throughout the contract term. Fixed billing rates in USD or GBP currencies must be agreed upon in advance of any contract commencement.

⇒ VAT where applicable will be detailed in euros on all invoices.

⇒ You can supply your EU-registered VAT number to be billed at 0% VAT under the reverse charge mechanism. This makes your VAT settlement your responsibility to your local tax authorities. A justification for VAT exemption along with a reference to the applicable regulations supporting your exemption claim from EU-based VAT will also be accepted upon confirmation.

⇒ If monthly billed, you will be billed in arrears no later than the 3rd week of the following month. If billed on a weekly/bi-weekly arrangement, you will be billed the week following the weekly/bi-weekly period end. 

⇒ People Management services in a contract specification (i.e. role has direct (people) reports) carry a higher rate due to the extra responsibilities involved in people management if even as a portion of a contract role. This higher management rate also applies to Project Management (not participation) services.

⇒ Technologies that require a learning curve we find interesting or of use going forward will carry a discount to our standard commercial rates. All discounts are to be negotiated based on the contract's use case.

⇒ Operational expenses in the execution of our duties are to be reasonably reimbursed in line with client contract terms and can be documented as required by the client. If we agree to absorb operational expenses on a contract, we may retain but not provide proof of the expense to you as our client. 

⇒ Our commercial day rate price applies to a standard 7-9 hours work period depending on the required workloads of the day. For the occasional need for emergency cover past 9 hours in a total working day, our standard commercial hourly rate will apply at our discretion.

⇒ During business hours (08:00hrs GMT to 18:00hrs GMT), our hourly rate where applicable is billable after 30 minutes of work per hour. Conversely, below 30 minutes overflow to the normal business day is free of charge.

⇒ Out-of-hours coverage as a service (i.e. on-call) is available and negotiable on a case-to-case basis. The details agreed between both parties must however be detailed in writing if not a contract term or addendum. Do note unless otherwise specified, any on-call callout work will in addition to contract terms be billed per hour if it exceeds 15 minutes during out-of-hours (18:30hrs GMT to 08:00hrs GMT)

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